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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 Powerful Tips to Help you Buy Handmade Jewelry Better

Are you getting ready to purchase new handmade jewelry? Your choices are to stay within your personal jewelry and fashion style and purchase jewelry similar to what you have. Or, you can step out and be a little bolder by getting an artisan crafted handmade jewelry design that is custom made to your specifications.

These 10 tips will help you find handmade jewelry designs to match a particular outfit or for special occasions.

1. Is there a special occasion for which you’re making this purchase? Are you going to a special event like a wedding or a bar/bat mitzvah? Do you need to match certain colors? 

Necklace Lengths:
Collar: about 14”
Choker: about 16" (40 cm)
Princess: 18" (45 cm)

Matinee: 24" (60 cm)
Opera: 32" (80 cm)
Lariat or Rope 47" (120 cm) or longer.

Here are some of my available necklaces and their lengths


    You want to look your best and have your jewelry match that spectacular tea-length gown your purchased. Let’s say you’re interested in a necklace and earrings set.

2. Do you want the necklace to stand out and be larger than a small heart charm necklace you wear every day?
  • What kind of neckline does the dress have?
  • What length necklace would go with the dress?

3. Do you need to match certain colors?
  • To buy online, have a photograph available to show your jewelry designer.
  • Offline, bring a swatch or the fabric with you.
4. Will you be able to wear this necklace again?  
  • We tend to purchase clothing in similar colors that we like.  
  • What other clothing do you have that would match this necklace’s length and color?  
5. What color metals do you like (usually the findings or chain or clasp part of the necklace and earrings): silver, gold or copper? 
  • You can choose sterling silver or silver plated, gold or gold plated and copper. 
  • Do you have any metal allergies?   
6. What price range is in your budget?
  • Sterling silver and 14K gold prices need to be considered - This is a special occasion purchase. You want 14K gold, but with gold prices today, you have to charge the purchase or put it on layaway.  
  • What are the materials in the necklace (or other jewelry design)? Are there gemstones, pearls, sterling silver for an elegant, sophisticated look?  
7. Do you want a unique design that you help to create with a jewelry designer? 
  • Shop online with me and buy a handmade, custom made jewelry design.
  • Shop at home 24/7
  • I, your jewelry designer will work with you to create a piece especially for you. 

  • Most websites have encrypted payment protections so you don’t need to worry about using a credit card online.

  • 8. Bracelets. You can choose from stretch bracelets, bracelets with clasps, and/or wire wrapped bracelets.

    • Know your wrist/bracelet size: do you have tiny wrists? You might need to special order a bracelet small enough for you from a jewelry designer. The bracelet fit is very important. 
    Evil Eye Bracelet

    • Do you like chunky bracelets? Classic bracelets?  
    • The materials for your bracelet need to match how frequently you want to wear the bracelet. For example, if you want to wear it every day, you might not choose a tennis bracelet with diamonds. 
    • Do you use a mouse? Think about wearing your bracelet on the other arm.
    Esther (Name or Purim) Bracelet with bells)

    9. Earrings:  
    • Do you have long hair? Short hair?
    • If you have a round face, round small earrings will make you look rounder. 
    • You can choose post earrings, dangle or hoop earrings.
    • You can choose different earwires: fishhooks, leverbacks, hypoallergenic, clip on.
    10. Designs/colors:
    • Metal colors and bead shapes come into play again with what you like to wear.  
    Aquamarine Evil Eye Swarovski Earrings (March Birthdays)

    • Most people choose to experiment with more whimsical earring designs that can be worn for certain holidays (patriotic, Hanukkah, Christmas).  
    Hanukkah Dreidel Earrings

    • Glass and metal plated jewelry designs are more affordable for jewelry that you can wear every day.
    As your jewelry designer, I can help you match colors, lengths and jewelry styles for special occasions, holidays and every day.

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