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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tommy the Cat - Who's that kitty in the mirror?

Most of you know that we have a kitten named Tommy. He's about 8 months old now and he makes us laugh with his cuteness and want to give him away when he's naughty.

The other day I was on the computer and I heard a noise that sounded like the laundry room light was being turned on and off. It has a pull cord. And, I knew that my husband had left for work already.

The office is about 20 ft. away from the laundry room. I saw something ... the light was on ... and Tommy the cat was on top of the washing machine. I had enough time to get the camera.

Warning, these pics are blurry - I had to shoot fast.

Tommy waiting for his chance to jump and pull the light cord.  

And this is Tommy after he pulled down the light cord completely. I had to 
get a step stool and stand on the washer to put the light cord back to turn out the light.  

Every morning, when I am getting ready for work,
Tommy is checking himself out in the mirror,
but I could never catch him in a picture.
He used to do it sitting on the floor, but now that
he's big he has to jump on everything. 

Who's that kitty in the mirror?

Sorry about the blur - here's Tommy checking himself in the mirror. 
Many times, he's sitting closer to it and looking at himself
straight on. 

So, Tommy the cat is pretty wild. I was hoping he'd settle down as he got a little older, but he's learning all the bad things from his 3 older brothers. 

While it's kind of funny enough to share with you, it's really hard to get him to understand the word "no." Spanking is the only thing that makes him stop. 

Do you have any naughty cats? How do you discipline them?