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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

About Cats

Did you know I'm a cat convert? I grew up with a boxer named Lucky. After J  and I got married, we took his black cat Pepper who was about 15 years old.

We have 4 now, but over the past 30+ years, we've had around 12 cats.

Pepper liked steak, Italian beef, beer and going on a leash with me on the porch. I don't have any digital pictures. We couldn't leave food on the table or he'd steal it.

I wonder if their little cat spirits go into other cats. Fritz, our black cat, also likes steak, Italian beef and will put his paw in your plate to get at the food.

Fritz and Tommy

Tommy is our youngest at 6 mos old. He's a kitten in the typical sense, plays with everything and attacks. He comes when he's called and is a great cuddler. But he's mischievous too.

Tommy (top) and Buddy (bottom)

Buddy is our oldest at 10 and he's been with us the longest. He's very vocal and doesn't allow the cat bowls to be completely empty. He starts meowing loudly and rubbing on the cat food container. He's trained Tommy and Sammy to also complain if you can see the bottom of the bowl.

Tommy and Sammy

I caught this picture with my cell phone, so there's a little shake. Often, I find these 2 together. They're 2 of the most social cats we've had. 

I like all cat things, note cards, jewelry, pictures and figurines. 

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Lucky Cats (Aventurine)

Meow to cats!