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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Customer Feedback Survey

Do you have a plan in place to receive customer feedback about your items or purchase experience? 

My policy is to send a customer feedback survey email (a few weeks after mailing the order) with multiple choice questions that the customer can easily fill out and return email to me. I track the responses on an Excel spreadsheet. 

Here are some of the comments that I received from a bride who purchased bridesmaids drop earrings from me:

How did you find the item you purchased? Google

How would you rate the customer service?  Excellent    

What is the best feature of the item? Drop Earrings

Did you buy it as a gift? For whom? My bridesmaids and my mum

Did you receive your order in a timely manner?  Yes  

What comments about your purchase may I use on my Blog or website?
Great service, great price, great product. Overall a very easy buying experience

Would you refer me to a friend? Yes 

Other comments: Thank you the girls loved them :)

Your turn: How do you receive and record customer feedback? Do you offer a coupon code or other customer rewards?