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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog EBook Updated and Released

If you need help setting up your blog on Blogger, here is an Ebook for you that I've written. Mind you, I'm not much of an illustrator, my talent is jewelry design. 

As I read blogs, I see some blogs that may benefit from some tips. 

* * * Special introductory price through 2/25/13 is $8, then the price increases to $12. * * *

 Contents include: 
• What is a blog? 
• How can you use a blog?
• How do you set up a blog? 
• Branding for your blog
• Social media sharing
• Suggestions about blogging
• Suggestions about readability
• Use free templates 
• Use Blogger gadgets
• Use keywords, labels = Google search
• Schedule blog posts automatically 
• Resources for pro bloggers

The PDF file will be emailed to the email address listed with your purchase 24 hours after your payment has cleared.