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Friday, December 07, 2012

Feline Friday

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Tommy. We got Tommy through a couple of John's coworkers who were evicted. We were supposed to keep him for 30 days until they found a new place ... you know that story, right? He was 2 months when we got him, so now he's almost 4 months old. 

Tommy is also a new staff member, helping with jewelry pictures. And, in the background you can see Sammy sleeping on the bed. 

Tommy rearranged the earrings this way for the picture. 

Here's a picture of 3 of our 4 boys, Tommy, Sammy and Buddy in the front.

Fritz had to find out what Tommy was up to, going into the cat food container. And yes, I was getting ready for a craft show, so you can see part of jewelry display and my toolbox on the left. Fritz is standing on my portable office with calculator, pens, ruler and ring sizers ... 

We think every day is Caturday, how about you? 


  1. Tommy is adorable, as are his brothers! Id love to get a kitty but my husband is not fond of animals and I also worry about kitty hair getting on my stuff. Wouldn't want a customer complaining of finding hair on something they ordered.

  2. He's adorable! Congrats on your new fur baby!

  3. I always enjoy your kitty photos. Every day is Caturday around here, too.

  4. Of course every day is Caturday! What else could it possibly be?!
    Tommy is so cute!

  5. Tommy is such an adorable addition :) Glad everyone is getting along well with their new friend.

  6. We don't have cats around the house. I was always afraid of them getting into things. Doggies are just messy on the floor... and I don't know how ours would take to kittens... Hope you enjoyed the craft show. Happy Chanukah! {:-D

  7. Awh, Tommy's adorable! I hope the owners will find a place soon, but in the meanwhile it looks like Tommy is fitting right in!


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