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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Etsy Team Captain Gift

I got a surprise in the mail a few weeks ago and wanted to tell you about it. I'm an Etsy Team Captain (the EtsyChai team - the Jewish team) and Etsy sent all their captains gifts. 

This is the package when I opened it. 

This has a postcard asking for feedback on what we like about Etsy and what can be improved. 

This is a discount card for some tools and a sticker that says "I buy from real people"

More stickers and in the middle is the Etsy Team Captain badge for 2012. 

The stickers on the left are: 
I quit my day job
Addicted to Etsy Stats (so true)

The stickers on the right are:
I buy from real people
I favorited you last night
and the bottom is a Keep it Real sticker

 The best gift in my option is this 2013 Etsy Calendar

Here's a view of 2 pages. 

I'm planning to use it (once I find it after taking the pictures, I put it in a special place.

Did you get any Secret Santa or other gifts that you like?