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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Results are in - the Winner Is 3D Lavender Photo Card

You voted in Linda's Top 6 Etsy Finds and the winner is NewCreationNZ's Lavender Photo Card.

I'm going to send her the interview questions. For next week, post in this Etsy forum thread to be considered for Linda's top Etsy Finds.

Then, I'll pick 5 items, ask people to vote and the winner gets a blog feature interview. 

Thanks, Dear Blog Readers for stopping by. 

Are there any other features you'd like to see on my blog? 

Wed Blog Hop - Spotlight Yourself

I just joined this blog hop and hope you will too.

It's easy, just follow the directions after "You could be next".

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coming Soon - sneak peek

I have to catch up on pictures and listing new items.

If you're looking for fall wedding jewelry in my shop  search for "ettlove" to see what's available for the mothers of the bride and groom for upcoming weddings.

Here's a dichronic glass pendant from another Etsy seller that I used in this beaded necklace.

Here are some blue Swarovski crystal Christmas tree earrings

Star of David/Chai Charm Hanukkah Czech Glass Earrings 
Green Swarovski crystal Christmas Tree earrings

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vote until Wed at 11 AM for your Fave - Linda's Top 6 Etsy Finds

Every week I ask for Etsy sellers to post in a forum thread and on my blog showing me their best items. Then I share them with you. This is one of my favorite weekly blog posts, Linda's Top 5 Etsy Finds.

So, here are this week's items for you to vote for. The creator of the item that gets the most votes wins a solo blog feature with me right here on my blog. My blog recently passed 15,000 visitors!

Vote in the left sidebar please.

Please don't vote for my item!
Here's one of my SALE items
Bottlecap Halloween Pendant with Ball Chain, now only $

If you're shown on my blog, please promote and tell your friends. You can also copy my blog button. for your blog. If you're not included this week, watch for my post in the Etsy Forum threads looking for items for next week.

Only 1 vote per person and you can vote for your own item. Vote in the left sidebar please.

Thanks, Dear Blog Readers for visiting! Please comment and come back. I love seeing you.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall and New Designs

Tom Cruise’s line was “I feel the need … for speed.” My line is similar, but it’s I feel the need to BEAD.
I’m sure many of you can relate to the love of creating new designs for a new season or for custom orders. I’m excited to share the following with you.

2 Bat Earrings Bat Briolette Earrings
e_2bat1 e_blk_bat1
Spider Earrings Upcycled Bottlecap Necklace
e_spider3 bp_fang2
Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant Brown Jasper Carnelian Bracelet
p_copper_wire eartha_carn
Blue Agate Star of David Earrings Silver & Pearl Wire Beaded Kippah - SOLD Can custom order!
e_gold_star5 k_sil_prl2
Sold items
Women’s Gold Wire Beaded Black Hematite Kippah – 2 people
Hebrew Traveler Prayer Keyring
Custom Orders – Sold
Hanukkah Dreidel Earrings
Thanks for reading, Dear Blog Readers.
What’s your favorite?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp

I'm going to participate in the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp gearing up for the holiday season.

I, Linda Blatchord, pledge to participate in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp to the best of my abilities. I vow to check in every week, do my homework and support my fellow Holiday Boot Campers. I will read the weekly newsletters and blog posts, check in on the weekly forum thread, read the weekly blog post, check off the checklists and salute the mascot. I promise to share what I've learned with those who need it, support my fellow Etsy indiepreneurs and, most of all, have a positive and persistent attitude. I understand that together we can spread the word about our handmade and vintage goods, making this holiday season a more unique and meaningful one to gift givers and give-ees everywhere! 

Read more here

Will you be doing this?

Vikotas Blog Feature Interview

Every week, I ask for shops to feature for Linda’s Top Etsy Finds.

You voted and Vikotas Fine Art had the most votes with her

Hand Painted Pottery


My name is Victoria and I live in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, FL. I am inspired by what ever touches my heart.

Blue Hot

In ten years I would like to be in the hills of Pennsylvania living in a larger house with a more spacious studio: there is never enough space, and of course, there is never enough time either.

Pink and green is my favorite combination. I guess that comes from being born in the spring.

Oil paints are my favorite, but I work in acrylics, pencil and fabric as well. I like to garden and cook as well as paint and sew.

Ruby Contessa


Buying handmade means you have an item that someone put his/her heart into.

Pencil with Embellishments

You can find me at

Don't create things just to sell: create things that people will value for a lifetime.
The greatest lesson is to find out why you are here and pursue it.

Thanks, Victoria.

To be considered, post in this Etsy Forum Thread



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

smafactory – Blog Feature Interview

You voted for LadyBug earrings

Here’s my blog feature interview with Inessa who lives in Kyiv, Ukraine (my grandparents were from there!).

I’m a proud mama of a beautiful 6 year old son, I’m a media planner in advertising agency by day and jewelry designer by night.

Jewelry designing is my passion, it’s a creative outlet and a relaxing habit for me.
I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. I have always had a love for the arts, every medium, from painting to handmade to music. As a child, I enjoyed taking children's art classes, crafts, I attended music school for classical piano study...
I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to try many new and in doing so I found my true passion.

Green Short Retro Necklace

I’ve been working with polymer clay now for about 2 years, and there is still so much to learn, but I really love it! Using this fabulous material I’m able to create jewelry of different shapes and textures, and I also love this material for it’s reach color palette, it’s strength and easy weight at the same time.

I feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m searching for supplies in a craft shop :)
It’s good to be passionate about your work though I find I never have enough hours in my day.

Blue Mosaic Clay Earrings

About inspiration & handmade gifts:
I tend to be inspired by colors, shapes, certain materials and textures. Sometimes I think of something first and then find the materials to execute it. But most of all my inspiration comes from making gifts for that special someone. When I sit and think of any gift ideas I revel in the atmosphere of inspiration, and then I can create something really unique and fascinating, ’cause I’m really care about what I am doing. When working on my creations I get totally involved in the process, putting so much love and positive energy into my work.

Here's what I know for sure: handmade is the only way to make truly memorable and unique gift!

Here’s some of my favorite websites

What have been the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from other artists?
- You have to have a good photos of your product. I’m still improving my photography skills.
- You have to describe your item like there are no pictures at all, and take pictures like there is no description at all.
- You have to join handmade community or team. I get so much information and support by joining an Etsy team!

- And the most important thing - you have to believe in yourself and your product!

What are the web addresses where people can find you?

Thank you!

Warm wishes,

Pleas show Inessa some love by visiting her shop.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Teaser

"Not only physical illness but also other uncontrollable events in our lives can conspire, as if by divine serendipity, to bring us back in touch with our whole selves."

Sacred Therapy by Estelle Frankel (Look in the right sidebar to order this book).

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by Miz B of Should be Reading

Did you know I design and sell beaded and other bookmarks at

What book are you reading?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fame Sale

Please come to my FAME SALE
30 Minutes of FAME!

Monday, Sept. 20 @ 9pm (Etsy time)
Famous Shop:

More chances to win in this Etsy forums thread~~~You could be next!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Winner is VikotasShop

You voted ... and the winner is the Large Painted Pot

I'm sending questions for Vikokas Blog Feature Interview.

If you'd like to be featured on my blog:

1. show me your best item and
2. comment on my blog with your Etsy shop.
3. post in the Etsy forum thread "Blog Feature Interview - Interested?" that I started.

Prayers for Homer

I've been sitting at the computer editing pictures and Homer the cat wants to be held. He is laying across my chest and shoulder. I'm sad because I think he's afraid, afraid of dying. I'm typing this 1-handed.

Dec 09 after we got him

He's been vomiting on and off for a few months, so took him to 1 vet. A radiograph revealed a blockage in his intestines. To make a long story short, that vet in South Elgin has terrible customer service, so I changed to another vet. His office is within walking distance.

Homer is only 5.5 pounds now and his purring is quite loud. He's a tough, bossy, loving cat.

Homer 9.16.10

Hiding from the vet?

He is 14 and I'm giving him liquid antibiotics because his white blood cell count is high. Dr. thinks he's losing blood and he's not making enough to replace what he's losing. I need to feed him 1 teaspoon of food only as often as possible. 

Homer & Stubbers sharing milk 9/18/10

Our other furry child is Buddy, who is 8 and plays with everything.

Please pray for Homer. I don't want him to suffer, but I hope he can recover.