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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Beg for Drugs?

I found this interesting:

AP Exclusive: Insomniac Jackson begged for drug
AP, Jun 30, 2009 8:23 pm PDT

Michael Jackson was so distraught over persistent insomnia in recent months that he pleaded for a powerful sedative despite warnings it could be harmful, says a nutritionist who was working with the singer as he prepared his comeback bid. Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse whose specialty includes nutritional counseling, said Tuesday that she repeatedly rejected his demands for the drug, Diprivan, which is given intravenously.

image michael jackson

But a frantic phone call she received from Jackson four days before his death made her fear that he somehow obtained Diprivan or another drug to induce sleep, Lee said.
While in Florida on June 21, Lee was contacted by a member of Jackson's staff.
"He called and was very frantic and said, `Michael needs to see you right away.' I said, 'What's wrong?' And I could hear Michael in the background ..., 'One side of my body is hot, it's hot, and one side of my body is cold. It's very cold,'" Lee said.

"I said, `Tell him he needs to go the hospital. I don't know what's going on, but he needs to go to the hospital ... right away."

"At that point, I knew that somebody had given him something that hit the central nervous system," she said, adding, "He was in trouble Sunday and he was crying out."
Jackson did not go to the hospital. He died June 25 after suffering cardiac arrest, his family said. Autopsies have been conducted, but an official cause of death is not expected for several weeks.

"I don't know what happened there. The only thing I can say is he was adamant about this drug," Lee said.

Following Jackson's death, allegations emerged that the 50-year-old King of Pop had been consuming painkillers, sedatives and antidepressants. But Lee said she encountered a man tortured by sleep deprivation and one who expressed opposition to recreational drug use.

"He wasn't looking to get high or feel good and sedated from drugs," she said. "This was a person who was not on drugs. This was a person who was seeking help, desperately, to get some sleep, to get some rest."

Jackson was rehearsing hard for what would have been his big comeback — his "This Is It" tour, a series of performances that would have strained his aging dancer's body. Also, pain had been a part of his life since 1984, when his scalp was severely burned during a Pepsi commercial shoot.

image michael jackson

"The Incredible Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno, who's been working out with Jackson for the past several months, said Jackson was focused on health. "When he was with me, he wasn't different. He wasn't stoned. He wasn't high. He wasn't being aloof or speedy. Never talked about drugs," Ferrigno said. "I've never seen him take drugs. He was always talking about nutrition."

image Lou Ferrigno

Several months ago, Jackson had begun badgering Lee about Diprivan, also known as Propofol, Lee said. It is an intravenous anesthetic drug widely used in operating rooms to induce unconsciousness. It is generally given through an IV needle in the hand.

Patients given Propofol take less time to regain consciousness than those administered certain other drugs, and they report waking up more clear-headed and refreshed, said University of Chicago psychopharmacologist James Zacny. It has also been implicated in drug abuse, with people using it to "chill out" or to commit suicide, Zacny said. Accidental deaths linked to abuse have been reported. The powerful drug has a very narrow therapeutic window, meaning it doesn't take doses much larger than the medically recommended amount to stop a person's breathing.
An overdose that stops breathing can result in a buildup of carbon dioxide, causing the heart to beat erratically and leading to cardiac arrest, said Dr. John Dombrowski, a member of the board of directors of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Because it is given intravenously and is not the kind of prescription drug typically available from pharmacists, abuse cases have involved anesthesiologists, nurses and other hospital staffers with easy access to the drug, Zacny said. In recent months, Lee said, Jackson waved away her warnings about it. "I had an IV and when it hit my vein, I was sleeping. That's what I want," Lee said Jackson told her.

"I said, 'Michael, the only problem with you taking this medication' — and I had a chill in my body and tears in my eyes three months ago — 'the only problem is you're going to take it and you're not going to wake up," she recalled.

According to Lee, Jackson said it had been given to him before but he didn't want to discuss the circumstances or identify the doctor involved. The singer also drew his own distinctions when it came to drugs versus prescription medicine. "He said, `I don't like drugs. I don't want any drugs. My doctor told me this is a safe medicine,'" Lee said. The next day, she said she brought a copy of the Physician's Desk Reference to show him the section on Diprivan.

"He said, 'No, my doctor said it's safe. It works quick and it's safe as long as somebody's here to monitor me and wake me up. It's going be OK,'" Lee said. She said he did not give the doctor's name.

Lee said at one point, she spent the night with Jackson to monitor him while he slept. She said she gave him herbal remedies and stayed in a corner chair in his vast bedroom.

After he settled in bed, Lee told Jackson to turn down the lights and music — he had classical music playing in the house. "He also had a computer on the bed because he loved Walt Disney," she said. "He was watching Donald Duck and it was ongoing. I said, `Maybe if we put on softer music,' and he said, `No, this is how I go to sleep.'"

Three and a half hours later, Jackson jumped up and looked at Lee, eyes wide open, according to Lee. "This is what happens to me," she quoted him as saying. "All I want is to be able to sleep. I want to be able to sleep eight hours. I know I'll feel better the next day."

Lee, 56, is licensed as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner in California, according to the state Board of Registered Nursing's Web site. She attended Los Angeles Southwest College and the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Sciences in Los Angeles.

Comedian Dick Gregory, who knows Lee and her work, said he believes Jackson's insomnia had its roots in the pop star's 2005 trial on child molestation charges. Jackson's health had deteriorated so much that his parents called Gregory, a natural foods proponent, for help.

image Dick Gregory

Gregory said Jackson wasn't eating or drinking at the time and, after he was persuaded by Gregory to undergo testing, ended up hospitalized for severe dehydration. But Jackson obviously was healthy enough to withstand the level of medical scrutiny needed to insure him for the upcoming high-stakes London concerts, Gregory said. "That you don't trick," he said of the exams.

Lee, who has also worked with Stevie Wonder, Marla Gibbs, Reynaldo Rey and other celebrities, said she was introduced to Jackson by the mother of one of his staff members. Jackson's three children had minor cold symptoms and their pediatrician was out of town.

Lee said she went to the house in January, the first of about 10 visits there through April, and treated the children with vitamins. Michael, intrigued, asked what else she did and took her up on her claim she could boost his energy.
After running blood tests, she devised protein shakes for him and gave him an intravenous vitamin and mineral mixture — known as a "Myers cocktail," after Dr. John Myers — which Lee said she uses routinely in her practice.

"It wasn't that he felt sick," she said. "He just wanted more energy."
Lee said she decided to speak out to protect Jackson's reputation from what she considers unfounded allegations of drug abuse or shortcomings as a parent.

"I think it's so wrong for people to say these things about him," she said. "He was a wonderful, loving father who wanted the best for his children."
AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner in Chicago and AP Television Writer David Bauder in New York contributed to this report.

Pet Safety Tips for July 4th

Dr. Bonnie Beaver, past president of the AVMA, discusses how to keep your pets safe and comfortable on Independence Day.

Keep pets inside for the 4th of July. Although we enjoy fireworks displays and can plug our ears, pets can't, so don't bring them to fireworks displays.

image fireworks

It's best to keep them in an area where the noise won't bother them. You can have calming background music or the TV with soothing sounds on during the fireworks.

You can also have your veterinarian prescribe a sedative, if your furry child is upset to an extreme degree. Initially, many pets don't have a fear of fireworks but the loud, unexpected sounds upset them and may make them fearful.

It's usually very hot in July, so keep your pet children cool inside, and make sure their water bowl is filled with fresh, cool water.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My 5 Favorite Summer Things

I love summer. It's a time for:

1. Sunshine (mostly) and seeing flowers and beautiful nature scenes. It's so refreshing to see green trees, grass and colorful flowers. It makes me feel grateful to God for creating such good things.

image sunshine

2. Ravinia, an outdoor music park venue where you picnic with your own food and wine. This year so far, I've seen Ramsey Lewis with some good friends. It's a great time for laughter, friends and music. But we got shushed for being too loud by the tattletales in front of us, who told an usher. Oh my!

3. Bracelets can be worn in the summer. It's hard to wear bracelets in the winter with coats. Here's one of my favorites, my Chakra Bracelet

image multicolored Chakra bracelet

4. 4th of July Fireworks - I love watching fireworks and hearing the oohs and ahhs, either live or on TV. There are always some in our neighborhood on the 4th of July. But, on July 3, if we don't go out, we watch the Boston Pops and the Chicago Fireworks on TV to avoid the traffic. Here's a guide to Chicagoland fireworks Sadly, my city is NOT having fireworks this year. Booooh.

image fireworks, 4th of July

Here are my patriotic earrings

image 4th of July patriotic earrings

5. Taste of Chicago

A free event in Chicago with food and entertainment. I'd love to see Buddy Guy, but he's playing on the 4th of July and I'm not real congested-traffic friendly on holidays. But, it's a lot of fun if you don't eat your fill. Ask for smaller portions to save room for ice cream and the Chicago Chocolate Company's treats.

image Taste of Chicago

Linda B.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

July Birthdays, Birthstones and Gemstones

If your birthday is from June 21 - July 20, your Zodiac sign is Cancer (Latin), represented by the Crab. In Greek the word is Karkinos.

Cancer is very patient. Cancer feels all moods to the fullest, joy, sorrow, compassion, horror and sadness. Family is important to Cancer. Cancer will always forgive, but has a good memory.

Cancer can love long and strong. Cancer is a giver and can be taken advantage of by those who are takers. Cancer says, "I feel"

Constellation = Cancer the Crab

Zodiac symbol = Crab

Known as = The Teacher

Ruling planet = the Moon

Quality = Cardinal

Element = Water

Greatest Overall Compatibility = Scorpio, Pisces

Best for Marriage and Partnerships = Capricorn

Day = Monday

Colors = Violet, Sea Green & Silver

Flowers = Larkspur

Metal = Silver

Lucky Numbers = 3, 7

Cancer virtues = Emotional sensitivity, tenacity, nurturing

Negative traits = Over-sensitivity, negative moodiness

Celebrities born under the sign Cancer
Louis Armstrong
Bill Blass
Yul Brinkley
Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
Merv Griffin
Kris Kristofferson
Ginger Rogers
Carly Simon
Donald Sutherland
Sylvester Stallone
Henry David Thoreau
Mike Tyson
Ernest Hemingway
John Glenn
Ringo Starr

Your birthstones are: Emerald, Amber, Moonstone and Aventurine
Source: craftcult

In my shops, I have a Turquoise/Aventurine Gemstone Pendant

Green butterfly earrings

image green butterfly earrings

Green aventurine glass bracelet

green aventurine bracelet

Happy Birthday Bert and Sheila!

Linda B
Jewelry Designer

Pink EtsyTwitter Treasury

I just found out that my pink sparkles earrings are in an Etsy Twitter Team Treasury.

It's such a great team and I'm pleased to be a part of it. Please visit the Etsy Treasury and comment here.

Thank you, Sumiko for picking my pink earrings.

Linda B.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Top 10 Friday

It's time for my few new feature, the Top 10 Friday

.... drumroll ....

1. Young Owlbert Einstein
image owlbert einstein

2. Lightning Bolt Cassette Tape Necklace
image lightning bolt

3. Flip Flop Tote
image flip flop

4. Chocolate Donut Earrings
image chocolate donut earrings

5. Under The Sea Pouch

imagee under the sea pouch

6. Purple Scarf
image purple scarf

7. Blue wooden handle purse with Trees
purse with trees

8. Be Bold Brass Bracelet
image bold bracelet

9. Candy Apple Brooch
image candy apple brooch

10. Vintage Planter
image vintage planter

Look for my thread in the Forums for Top 10 Friday to sign up for next week.

Thanks to all who participated. Please retweet and promote this blog to get these items seen.

Linda B.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tips - Craft Show Supply List - IL Show 6/25/09

It's craft show season. As I am preparing for a show Thursday night, I figured I'd share Craft Show Lists with you. I'm going through my newly designed items and pricing them and checking my inventory to see that it has the correct prices.

Pricing: Determine if you're offering a discount for this show. You don't need to change the prices on the tags, just calculate the percentage you are taking off. This will save you prep time.

Items to Bring:
1. My show is indoors, so I don't need to bring tables. Table(s) are first on the list and the item(s) to set up first along with your table coverings. Chairs are second.

2. Since my creations are jewelry, I have some jewelry display items, those will be the next items to unpack.

3. Products for display, Linda B's Hand Beaded Gemstone and Glass Jewelry. I'm going to put less out for this show. I have put out too much in the past.

image Linda B's jewelry designs display

4. Extra price tags, bags, labels (with my shop name and url) sales book, list of prices (and costs on clipboard) and calculator

5. Business cards, holder, list of shows, signage, discount coupons

6. Office supplies: pens, highlighters, scissors, 2 hole punch for jewelry earring cards

7. Safety pins, straight pins, U pins, T pins

8. Scotch tape, masking and needle and thread for displays and wrapping for safekeeping

9. Clipboard containing forms to join email list or host party

10. Cash box and change or an apron (I've had money fall out of my apron, so I opt for the cash box.

11. Jewelry making tools and beads (to do a little work or repairs)

12. Mirrors, glass cleaner, wipes and paper towels

13. Cart or dolly to transport items

14. Water, aspirin

Wear your best smile. Talk to potential customers, but let them look at your items; don't pull them in. Some people like to walk around first and come back. It's true, people might not come back, but that's how it goes. I usually like to pass out a flyer with my online shops on it with a discount coupon. It's cheaper than a business card.

I discovered that dressing more professionally gets more results than being in jeans. Dress shoes can be a problem, though, so be sure and wear comfortable footwear.

Do you live in Illinois near Elgin? If so, bop on over to my show on 6/25 at Hennessey's/Boogie Nights at 2300 Bushwood Drive in Elgin. It's I-90 and Randall Road, on the west side of Randall Road.

Make a comment with your email address and I'll send you a coupon for a free round of drinks for your party of 5 or more.

Happy Crafting and Sales,
Linda B

Monday, June 22, 2009

Linda B's work in 2 Treasuries - Woot

Just before I was signing off, I discovered that my one of a kind jewelry designs from my Etsy Shop is in 2 treasuries on Etsy. Hooray.

One is yellow and black

image Linda B's work in yellow and black treasury

The other has my purple swirl pendant

image Linda B's work in purple treasury

Woot Woot! This made my day. Thanks to the curators, Sofie and Weewoobies.
Jewelry Designer
Linda B's Handbeaded Gemstone and Glass Jewelry

New Listings and Works in Progress

Just wanted to take a moment to bring you up to date. I had a pretty productive weekend and am getting ready for a Ladies Night show in Elgin on Thursday and a special July promotion as part of the Etsy Twitter Team. Both are one-of-a-kind designs by Linda B.

Here are 2 of my new listings:

Black Shell Swarovski Earrings

image black shell swarovski earrings

Green Jade Briolette Earrings

image green jade briolette earrings by Linda B

This glass millefiore pendant is expiring soon.
image white cord millefiore glass pendant by Linda B

And here are some of my works in progress:

Purple Glass and Jasper Earrings
image purple glass and jasper earrings by Linda B.

Mother of Pearl Beaded Pendant Necklace

black beaded mother of pearl pendant necklace

Check out this Cubs Fan Keyring

and these Totally Turquoise Heart Earrings

image turquoise and black heart glass earrings

Thanks for looking at my work.
Linda B.

Etsy Twitter Team's Featured Shop - Rockis Supplies

One of our new EtsyTwitter Team members is Etsy Seller, Deb "Rocki" Adams, of, creates “handcrafted metalwork findings & jewelry in a finishes using Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, 14k Gold Filled & now Copper."

These are her baby Elfin earwires.

Including handmade findings in your handmade jewelry would definitely increase the value of your work as a whole. Plus you’re buying handmade for your supplies and everybody wins!

Just one of the other items that I like is the copper bail.

“My tag line pretty much sums it up that my findings are more than supplies, they are ‘Handcrafted Pieces of Art For Your Artistic Creations’ - I truly put my heart and soul into my work and although my days are quite long, I value the integrity of each piece I make and customer care is most important to me. I appreciate each customer and am thrilled when they share their creations with me - makes my heart happy!”

So, please visit her Etsy shop and tell her that Linda B. sent you.
Linda B.

Sumiki Shop - Etsy Blogger Mini Monday

Here's The Etsy Blogger Mini Monday shop for this week.

Sumiko's Shop Sumiko is also a jewelry designer. Show her shop some lovin" and please feel to comment back here.

Linda B.
Jewelry Designer

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I ran across this unusual Web article about some of the best fathers and thought I'd share it with you.

Too all the dads out there ... I salute you. Please take good care of your children. Spend time with them and tell them your story; it's important for them to know their family history when they grow up. Today is the day to make memories.

image father seahorse

June 18, 2009--Father's Day, which falls this year on Sunday, June 21, annually honors committed human dads. But seahorse fathers (above, a newborn hitches a ride on dad's tail) might just blow those proud papas out of the water.

Seahorses are a type of fish in which the males actually get "pregnant." The female seahorse deposits her eggs in the male's specialized pouch, and the male carries up to 2,000 babies during its 10- to 25-day pregnancy.

"They're fascinating males have more or less become females, [almost] transgendered," said Mark Pagel, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Reading in the U.K. "They're devoted fathers."

In general throughout the animal kingdom, males leave parenting to the females, because males have more chances to reproduce and so can create many more offspring, Pagel said.

Pagel calls this a "cruel bind [that] often favors men"-as soon as the female gets pregnant, the male just runs off.

U.S. comedian Chris Rock has said that "a man is only as faithful as his options," he noted, and "that's exactly what happens with animals."

But there are exceptions, and "what's wonderful," he said, "is that the range goes all the way from males that simply provide sperm that are never seen or heard from again through to seahorses, where females just provide eggs and are never seen or heard from again."

--Christine Dell'Amore
—Photograph by Paul Zahl, NGS Image Collection

P.S. In honor of Chris B, Peter, David, Ed and in loving memory of Max, Eli and Louis S.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Awards

I'd like to thank 2 Etsy Sellers Lori of DeanDymentStudios and Elaine of Una Tia Especial for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award.

one lovely blog award

These are the new people I choose to receive this blog award.

1. Cathleen, a vintange Etsy shop owner

2. An Etsy shop featuring Judaica by Studio 618

3. A woman who practices lovingkindness and donates to charity, Ju

4. Lisa, an artist and carver

5. A nature artist

6. Laurie, a paper crafter

7. Whimsical Pendants

8. Starla's creations

9. Jen, a crochet and Treasury maven

10. Anna, a mouse creator

11. Jacquelyn, a fiber art supplier

12. Antonia, an artist

13. Rocki, a supply Etsy Shop

14. Foxy's Knits

15. Handmade Bags

Congrats to all of you. I hope we have some great chats and promos together in the future.

I made some jewelry today, took pics after doing some errands. I'm kind of tired, so I'm going to post the winners in the group forums of the Etsy Twitter Team and Etsy Secrets.

Linda B
Jewelry Designer

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Linda's Top Etsy Shops

I'm not sure about my blogging schedule yet for the Top 5 Etsy Shops (in my opinion) or top 10, it will either be on Thurs. or Fri. and depend on how much time I have.

Today, it will be my Top 5 favorites shops and the order is the 1st one is #5 and so on. So, being a breech baby, I'm doing it backwards.

1. Here's a fun concept, Sister Holy Matrimony, the wedding planner.

image Sister wedding

2. For some fabulous scrabble tile pendants, check out this typewriter pendant
image typewriter pendant

3. Hand shredded Tee shirt . I love the back, the colors and the Swarovski crystals.
image tee shirt

4. SilkArt, look at this vibrant, versatile scarf
image silk scarf

5. A black and white photo of a .... bird. You know how we all love birds. Well, this one is a sparrow and it's simple and elegant.
image black and white sparrow

If you'd like to be considered for the top 5 or 10 shops, post a comment on this blog with your favorite item before next Thues. 6/23 (my Wedding Anniversary).


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Etsy Buddies - Jewelry, Photography and Sewing

Here's a talented Etsy jewelry shop owner whose work I admire, JBEbert from FL. Her profile reads, "Years ago I started jewelry making using standard bead-stringing techniques, and while I still construct many pieces this way, I now combine it with wire work, silver soldering, bead weaving, gem crochet, and Viking knit. I've taken delivery of my new kiln for firing PMC silver and gold … and hopefully, enameling and lost wax casting in the near future."

Check out her Wisteria Bracelet. Notice the way she shoots the first photograph. Isn't that neat?

image wisteria bracelet

So visit Judy, this Etsy Seller and tell her Linda B. sent you.

Next up is Etsy Seller, Bill from House of Six Cats who does photography. He renewed his love of photography after his daughter was born.

Peek at this night light made from his Rose photo.

image rose night light

He has found a way to repurpose his photo prints in jewelry, night lights and coasters. Way to go, Bill.

Last, but not least, is Jacqui from Japan of Meabee Creations

Here's a cute girl's messenger bag .

image girls bag

Please pop into all these shops. They're my not so secret pals.

Linda B

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Cat Sculpture in St. Charles, IL

image cat sculpture

Cute pics
image insivible barstool\

image invisible finger

image invisible microphone

Coming Soon

Cubs Car Ornament
Cubs car ornament

Cubs Earrings
image cubs earrings

White Sox Car Ornament
image sox car ornament

50th Birthday Card
image 50th Birthday Card

I'll let you know where and when they are posted. Plus, I've been working on improving my pictures, so you'll see those too.

Keep in touch,
Linda B