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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red Crimson Posie and Mardi Gras Earrings

My new Crimson Posie Earrings are up at my Website. Until February 2, you can purchase them at a low introductory price.

red crimson posie sterling silver earrings

I also added my Swarovski crystal and fluorite Mardi Gras earrings that match my Mardi Gras bracelet.

Swarovski crystal and fluorite earrings

multicolor memory wire Mardi Gras Earrings by Linda B

You can also purchase my original jewelry gemstone designs at Etsy and Artfire shops.

Thanks for visiting.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Comedian Kevin Pollack

Kevin Pollack appeared at the Improv in Schaumburg last night. Twas my first night there. The audience was warmed up by 2 other "junior" comedians and I don't remember their names even. Most of their jokes can not be repeated on this blog, so we'll skip right to the headliner.

Kevin Pollack

Kevin Pollack, who has been in stand up since he was 20, has appeared on The Tonight Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, among other venues. He's been in several movies too, including Casino, Grumpy and Grumpier Old Men, The Usual Suspects, yada yada.

So, he tells a few jokes about the cold weather in Chicago, "stop talking about it, already, you live here" and the busy O'Hare airport "where they give you water upon deplaning to get to your bags". I think he's starting a little slow, asking about the holidays, etc. Then he hits us with a bit about the Bible, and his being the Hebrew Bible, says "he just doesn't know about Jews roaming the dessert for 40 years". He asks, "Jews walking? 40 years?" Nah, It's funny because I'm Jewish and know how my people are depictured in the entertainment industry as "whiners". So he leans down, acting as Moses and asks, "anybody got a map?"

The best part of the show was his impersonations. He's known for doing Christopher Walken (I'm a real fan, and his is great!), Johnnie Carson (who retired from the Tonight Show and picked Jay Leno), and William Shatner (Captain Kirk of StarTrek and Denny in Boston Legal). He throws in a Jack Nicholson, Alan Arkin and a good friend of his, Paul Reiser.

"When making phone calls and being able to do impersonations", he tells us, "can bring out the prankster side of him". The best story he told was that he was watching Alan Arkin on Larry King Live. He called in using his Alan Arkin voice and Larry got all confused, while Alan is laughing on the table. Finally, Alan says, "Kevin, I know it's you, and it's funny, but not that funny."

You had to have been there, I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. So, I give Kevin Pollack an A+.

What comedian do you like?

WooHoo, Featured in Blog

Wow, today a pair of my earrings are featured in someone else's blog.

These are my bubble gumball red sterling silver earrings. They are made with red turquoise beads, red glass beads, gumball glass beads, sterling silver spacers and sterling silver earwires and headpins.

red turquoise, bubblegum earrings

You can purchase them at my Etsy shop.

I'll be featuring other sellers on my blog this weekend.

Thanks for looking.
Linda :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giveaway Ends 2/4/09

Bookwormz has blgged about a cool camera strap giveaway at SimpleFinds.

Etsy Seller, Shabby Straps has come up with a camera strap in various colors and patterns.

camera shabby straps

"Winner will receive one of 3 straps picked by me & I promise they are ALL cool!"

If you have a giveaway, please post it here and I'll promote it.

NEW TOPIC: If you're ever in Etsy Chat and see Glassdesigns is playing a DEAL game, do go in. It's a blast and you'll almost pee your pants laughing.

NEW TOPIC: On Sat., I'll be adding new red earrings to my Website at any introductory price. You won't want to miss it.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Announcements - Winners and ...

First, I'd like to thank all of you for posting on my blog and helping me to name my new red earrings.

My "crimson posies" will be available for sale on Sat. on my Website. They're red flowers that sparkle on sterling silver fishhooks with sterling silver spacers. I'll offer them at a low introductory price. The prize will go up on Tues. Feb 3.

More importantly, the winner of a $5 discount in my shop goes to ... drumroll please ... AkuaDesigns.

Akua can pick an item in my shop (price must be more than $5 and buyer pays shipping). Congratulations, Akua.

In the coming days, I'll be featuring more shops and more items. If you'd like to be a featured seller, or have a giveaway, please comment on my blog or convo me and I'll let you know.

Win some Etsy stickers and other items at Edgeofthewildwood.

Enter your funniest joke giveaway.

Win a trio of items giveaway.

Free Advertising
At the bottom of this blog, I have some free ad spots available. Catch them while you can for $0.

See ya,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Giveaway from Bowsweet through Feb. 2

Starting today, Erika of Bowsweet is offering a giveaway of this Spider Daisy bow.

pink bow
Or you can choose any item in her shop, up to a $5 value.

How do you win?
For a chance to win the prize, you must post a comment on my blog with your name, email or Etsy shop URL (so I can contact you if you are the winner) and a link to your favorite item in her shop. If you do not include ALL three things in the comments, your entry will not be included. Only, one entry per person, please.

Erika has been crafting for as long as she remembers. Since having 2 girls, she has focused on hair accessories. She has been on Etsy for only 6 weeks.

"Right now, I'm in love with the mini-bow clippies. They look so cute in my girls' hair. They look great with any solid or print ribbon and work with every outfit."

Mini-bow Clippies

"It's hard to choose from an item in Linda's shop. But, I absolutely love this gorgeous Paris at Night Black Clear Beaded Pendant Necklace.

Her best selling item so far is Valentine Heart Clippies.

Erika (the Featured Seller) will choose the winner from the posts here and be responsible for contacting and sending the prize to the winner. Linda B. will announce the winner on this blog on Feb. 2 and not be liable for this prize or any other prize related to this Giveaway. The winner will contact the Featured Seller if the prize is not received in a reasonable length of time. By posting your comment here, you agree to these terms.

Comments must be posted here by Feb. 1.

Thanks :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Treasury - Just Got One

I just got an Etsy Treasury.

Please click and comment and see if you're in it. If you'd like to be, you can buy in.

Comments are welcome here and in the thread in promotions.

Contest Ends Jan 28 - Reminder - Name My Earrings

Take a look at my prior post about the red sparkly earrings. You are picking the name of the earrings and the best picture.

Name my new red earrings and pick the picture on my blog here AND at this thread and you can win a $5 discount off of any item in my shop. Does not apply to destash items or items less than $5.

The name I'm thinking of is kind of dull.

1. Post idea for a name here in this thread
2. Look at my blog and pick the picture for my earrings at
3. Comment on this blog on the best picture.

The winner will be announced on January 28.

red sterling silver earrings

red sparkly earrings

red earrings

Thanks so much for all your help.

Linda :)

Deals this Weekend

I got some great deals this weekend.

For my cube at work, I bought
kitties wrist wrests

wrist rest

An adorable wristlet bag
violet wristlet

A cupcake charm

braceletcupcake charm bracelet

In my shop, I added a new Egyptian Queen Pendant Set to my shop

green pendant

Snow is still here

I talked to my cousin last night and he wanted to check on us to make sure we're surviving the arctic cold temperatures. He and his wife both told me that the East Coast is going to have Chicago weather, they're going down to 15, and then add the wind chill factor.

"Haha, I said. "That's not arctic. We have single digits, like 1 or 4 with wind chills of 35-40 below. We wear layers of clothing outside and blankets inside."

Here are some pictures of the snow on my block.


Here's another view:


This is an SUV that's been parked on the street for 3 weeks.

I think snow is pretty if you don't have to drive in it and can look out the window and watch it coming down from the warmth of your home.

Some of my friends like to ski, so snow is welcome to them. I haven't been skiing since high school and see no need to go again. I never got off the bunny hill.

So, today, I'm going to work on the taxes, laundry and photos for my Etsy shop.

What are you up to?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Paws Moment

I'm home from work today with a migraine and chills. Just feeling blah. So I looked at some pictures on my computer and around the Etsy site for laughs and came up with a few items to share with you.

1. Tie a bowtie
cat bowtie

2. Black cat
black cat

3. fat ninja
fat ninja cards

4. Purple funny broochpurple funny brooch

5. Love balm
love balm

6. Gourd Valentine's dollvalentine love gourd

Stubbers our cat
black cat

Buddy, in jail


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red Hot Valentine's Day

These are some of my favorite Valentine's Day items featured in some Etsy sellers' shops.

1. For your hair, a pair of hair clips
valentine hair clips

2. Gift boxes, adorable bears gift boxes
gift boxes

3. Let Me Count the Ways Valentine's Card
Valentine's Day card

4. Give a heart cast - looks like a real heart
heart cast

5. Give it up for this Origami Dress Card
origami dress card

6. Interactive Sweater Pillow, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
valentine's sweater pillow

7. Show your Love in a Bottle
valentine's mirror

8. Portable Love, Valentine's Pocket Mirror
valentine's pocket mirror

9. Record ServingTray
record serving tray

10. Chocolate Boxchocolate box

Featured Seller: To be a featured seller on this blog, post a favorite item here and why I should pick you as my next featured seller.

Post in both places to be chosen. Here and at Etsy thread

Good luck. I'll feature you next Monday night.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Jewelry Designs Featured in 2 blogs

I'm grateful to rustic diva designs for featuring my amethyst pendant set on her blog. I've included the links to the items so you can see them at my Etsy shop

Also, Ivonnardona has kindly included some images of my items for the etsyBEAD team's theme of the week, Red Hoton her blog. My bubblegum red earrings are the 3rd pair in the top row! And, the last 2 right items are mine, too, red love swirl earrings and my heart on a string pendant

In the second image to the right, the last bracelet, bottom right is my Valentine's Bracelet.

In the next picture, the third row 2nd image features my Multicolor Red hot lights Swarovski earrings.

In the right picture, my dual layered flower pendant is shown.

Thank you, ladies. Appreciate your kindness.

Name for New Earrings - Help Wanted

I'd like to put these new red, sparkly earrings on my Website, and I'd like your help to name them and choose the best picture. My idea just seems kind of flat.

Please post your name choices at

Post the best picture in the comments section below.

1. red sparkly earrings

2. red flower earrings

3. red flower earrings

4. red flower earrings

The winner will receive a $5 discount on anything in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for helping me out. The winner will be announced January 28. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In an Etsy Treasury Front Page

Green Healing Bracelet

My healing heart bracelet made it to the Green with Envy Front Page of Etsy chosen by gemmabeads!

I'm very excited and grateful. At the time, it had a different name, Green with Envy, and I changed the design to add more beads to make it more interesting.

Thank you, Gemmabeads.

Tag, Now You're It

I've been tagged by a crazy knitter!

These are the rules:

Post the rules in your blog
- Link to the person who tagged you.
- Write seven random things about yourself
- Tag seven people at the end of your post and link to them
- Let each person know they were tagged

7 random things:
1. I'm a Scorpio
2. I love cats, we have 2
3. I smoke too much
4. Spirituality interests me
5. Stubbers tickles me and makes me giggle
6. I spend way too much time on the computer
7. I was a groupie of Big Twist, and the Lettermen.

1. Paws and Claws Designs
2. Wavecloud
3. punkincards
4. karooart
5. Blissfullyunique
6. degdies
7. rusticdivadesigns

Friday, January 16, 2009

Flattery on My Blog

Check out this comment on my blog:

"Hi Linda

I just had to comment, even though I don't have a blog. Your blog is one of the most helpful I've read, even including TimothyAdam's handmadeology, and your other helps at the right.
Michele at"

Well, thank you, Michele. Since your comment is sooo nice, here's one of your Valentine's Day items.

And my Love Letter Necklace

Keep those positive comments and sales coming.

Linda B.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Handmadeology is Coming

Handmadeology is coming. The excitement is building for the premier of this new blog for people who buy and sell handmade products on various venues.

It's going to be great. I'm pretty excited. Click on the button on the right side of my page. You can subscribe too.

Aquarius Gemstones and Traits

January 20 - February 18 is the sign of Aquarius for the Greeks "Hydrochoos, or the Water-Pourer." "Aquarius" is a Latin translation of the Greek name.

Aquarius is open-minded and usually holds no prejudices. Aquarius is serene and friendly. Aquarius will listen and learn from anyone to find the truth. Aquarius has so many interests that there are times his/her energy is spread too thin.

Aquarius makes a sincere friend. Marriage for Aquarius may take longer as s/he does not open up easily.

Great intellectual power, ability to communicate and to form and understand abstract concepts, love for the new and avante-garde. (I can verify this for the Aquarians that I've befriended). And, they can be friends for a lifetime.

Famous Aquarians are:
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Lord Byron
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Clark Gable woohoo
Abraham Lincoln
Norman Mailer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Paul Newman
Jack Nicklaus
Babe Ruth
Ronald Reagan
Burt Reynolds
James Dean
Mia Farrow
Virginia Woolf

Gemstones are:
Aquamarine-green and blue
Lapis Lazuli-blue

- Amber - Yellow is the color of vision and energy (sun). It corresponds to the solar plexus or 3rd chakra.
- Purple is the color of royalty and meditation and corresponds to the 6th or 3rd eye chakra, the mind and opening to insight
- Aquamarine - Blue is the color of relaxation and healing and corresponds to the throat or 4th chakra or energy center.
- Green is the color of healing and growth and corresponds to the 4th or heart chakra

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Val Red Hot Earrings

Meet Val, my new red hot sterling silver glass flower bead earrings for Valentine's Day. Wow, those are a lot of descriptive words, eh? I traded another Etsy seller for these beads and couldn't wait to see what I could make with them.

I used the glass flower beads from Stylinbeadygirl, red turquoise rondelles, sterling silver spacers, red round glass ball beads. They hang 1" from the bottom of the sterling silver fishhook earwires and have sterling silver headpins.

Buy one or more red roses and you'll have the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday Capricorn

Red agate, carnelian and jasper bracelet. It will be uploaded to
my Website in a few days.

Happy 2009! John and I spent a quiet New Year's Eve watching Twilight Zone and had a nice steak dinner. I drank rum and Coke, too much maybe.

Today, I'm updating my Website and wanted to write about January birthdays and gemstones.

Capricorn birthdays are from December 21 to January 19.
Traits: Capricorn is generally an upholder of tradition. Capricorn is usually interested in the welfare of the community. Capricorn has a noble ambition and an extraordinary power of adaptability. Once in a while Capricorn becomes too ambitious in the wealth department.

Capricorn is a bit of a flirt. When it comes to marriage Capricorn looks for a "suitable" marriage and it is usually successful.

Celebrity Capricorns are:
Mohammad Ali
Steve Allen
Joan of Arc
Isaac Asimov
Benjamin Franklin
Humphrey Bogart
Faye Dunaway
Ava Gardner
Mary Tyler Moore
Richard Nixon
Martin Luther King
J R R Tolkien

Gemstones are:
Ruby, Amethyst, Cat's Eye, Garnet, Crystal Quartz, Turquoise and Agate

Agates attract strength. Agate is a protection from bad dreams. It also protects from stress and energy drains. Agates have been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times. They were used to ward off storms. They were prized gems in antiquity. The agates with banded colors were placed at the head of a sleeper to give rich and varied dreams. Agates have been thought to be good to harden the gums.

Healing properties of agate
Agate is used for stomach upsets. Place the agate on the solar plexus. The agate can't change emotions, but helps to change our level of acceptance of the emotion. Such as when you are very sad the agate will let you know that this will pass and help you get on to another and better day. This is why the Agate is considered so powerful as it gives us the strength to carry on. Carry an agate when you have to make an important decision.

Cats Eye or Tigers Eye:
Cat's eye lets you see everything. Use the cat's eye for insight and you can be a very lucky person. When used in jewelry the cat's eye may bring good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight.

Look at my Artfire shop for my Cats Eye/Tiger Eye brown jasper sterling silver pendant necklace.

If you'd like to know more about birthdays and stones, please keep checking back.