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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cleaning Jewelry - Swarovski Crystals

Here are some tips on cleaning Swarovski crystal jewelry.


- Wipe jewelry gently with a damp cloth.
- If it needs more cleaning, use a Q-tip and diluted window cleaner and gently dab at problem spots.
- Lay your crystal on a clean, cotton cloth to dry.
- It is best if it can dry overnight.

When the crystals are totally dry, wrap in jeweler’s tissue and store in an airtight plastic bag. Keep them separate from other jewelry so they don’t get scratched.

- Don’t immerse crystal jewelry in water or use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner to clean your crystals.

The crystals have a thin coating, which will be scratched and dull the finish.

Stringing material: Don't use wire or non-breakable nylon because the crystals will cut through silk thread.

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